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With 20 years of experience in creating and growing businesses across our industry sectors, we bring a unique insight, depth of understanding and operational capability that typical investment partners don’t possess.

Our exceptional record of partnering with some of the world’s leading multi-national organisations and most recognised sector brands along with the Group’s global relationships, opens doors for our portfolio companies and builds strategic growth opportunities.

We understand the connected marketplace and wireless value chain intrinsically and assist businesses to navigate and grow in the connected world.


We are dynamic investors – passionate, committed and truly excited by the opportunities our portfolio investments and partnerships create.


What we do

Our Investment Advisory, Co-Investment, Commercial, Finance and Executive teams combine to create complimentary investment solutions.

We create long term value in partnership with our portfolio businesses. We do this by combining market-leading ideas with our team of highly specialised senior executives and entrepreneurs and a toolkit of proprietary strategies, processes and resources that are proven to deliver results.

With equity arrangements that include substantive and minority shareholdings across a range of businesses and business models, we have a proven reputation for working successfully with a portfolio of organisations that include privately owned SMEs, globally branded corporations, financial institutions and private investment companies

Our strategy is simple – invest in the best potential and partner for industry-leading results.


How we do it

We provide our partners and portfolio companies with access to our international network, facilitating co-investment, collaboration, operational expertise and connection.


We enable

We simplify the connected world, making mobile technology accessible to everyone. Our investee companies enable organisations to transform their business models and get closer to their customers by providing complete end-to-end solutions – putting us at the heart of the connected eco-system.


Our People

Millennium Corp employs over 500 diverse thinkers and doers, working across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Region.

We’re hands-on investors and we believe that the best results can only be delivered by the best people. Our team comprises entrepreneurs and highly specialised executives with experience across a range of disciplines. Our people have built SMEs, worked for Fortune 500 corporates and operated in the public and regulatory sectors. We work in partnership with our portfolio businesses to deliver superior performance and industry-leading returns.

It is precisely this combination of industry focus and world-class expertise that sets us apart from many other private equity firms. We’re able to develop innovative business and investment strategies, translate them into great performance and unlock and grow sustainable value.


Millennium Corp Board

Millennium Corp Executive


Work with us

For employment opportunities please contact our People and Talent Team

Millennium has a dynamic and inclusive culture. We’re proud to offer equal opportunities regardless of race, nationality, cultural background, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religious or political belief. With a pro-flexible working culture, we empower our people to challenge for change.


We scale start-ups. It's as simple as that. We are a team of tech lovers & start-up enthusiasts seeking new opportunities for Millennium Corp and our investee businesses.

We can help you not only understand this entrepreneurial world, but embrace it, harness its power and unlock an incredible new world of transformational opportunities for you and your business.

We believe it’s really important for corporate innovation to deliver real returns. We do this in a way that is fast, fun, effective and unique. We’re not a consultancy, we are specialists in how entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporates can work together to innovate for the future.

Innovation is how we make things better. It’s how we push technology to be more human, turn big ideas into new realities, and glimpse into what the future could hold. And at times, we know this can get complicated.

That’s why we’re going to keep this simple.

At M Lab, we’ve built a complete roadmap, a set of mantras that help you not only navigate this new connected world, but capitalise on the opportunities it creates.


Connect with us

For more information on Millennium Corp and our unique capability please contact us